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OpenLearn announced a few months back that it would be closing down some of the tools, including learning journals, as part of a major overhaul to OpenLearn and LearningSpace coming soon.

While there are no fixed dates on when this happens (and certainly none I’m going to claim in public here!) I have been putting off and putting off migrating my blog to a new platform.  However, for some unknown reason, I decided that today was the day, and I’ve gone for it.

My blog is now hosted here on WordPress! I plan to continue to write about Moodle, Open Education, Annotate and other learning and teaching systems with the same degree of (in)frequency as before!

So how did the move go?  Well, I think but then we did try the migration process about a dozen times while I moaned at the developers about attribution of comments and posts to real wordpress users.  I’m still not completely happy with that – my comments are attributed to me but the gravatar isn’t pulling through properly.  Not a big deal though.

The instructions on the OpenLearn site are very detailed and helpful, and it worked first time.  Then all that was left was for me to go through replacing all the embedded images stored on OpenLearn and updating all the links to ‘see my previous post on’.  This was laborious until I realised that searching the import xml was much quicker than skim reading the imported posts themselves!  searching for <img src or <a href narrowed it down a lot and I could have got cleverer by adding into the search.  Actually editing the imported posts was simple and I didn’t even need to read the help!

And then that was it.  Job done :)   Time to get on with migrating LabSpace code!

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